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Managing stock for wetland health and production


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D. and W. Clark


Queensland Wetlands Program

Barung Landcare Association




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Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

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Latoona is a cattle property at Bellthorpe in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. An upper tributary of Kilcoy Creek flows through the property, eventually into the Mary River and the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. On-ground works have been undertaken to improve stock and waterway management through fencing and re-vegetation of creek banks to protect downstream wetlands. The on-ground works involved installation of 200m of electric fence along the creek bank and re-vegetation of 6000m² of creek bank with a mix of 700 native trees and shrubs.


Fencing allows for strategic grazing of the creek bed, thereby reducing erosion and sediment and nutrient run-off entering downstream wetlands. Strategic grazing creates healthier pastures with fewer weeds and a significant reduction in the invasive and flammable blady grass. Re-vegetation of creek beds has helped restore the ecological values of the riparian zone. Mustering has become easier now that cattle access to creek banks is controlled.


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Managing stock for wetland health and production

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