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Management of Overland Flow for Sediment Control, Woodbine: Stephan


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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)



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Healthy Country Project (Queensland Government)


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Start date

1 June 2011

End date

30 November 2011


The Woodbine property is 209ha of horticulture and grazing that drains into Blackfellow Creek. As part of overall property management, landholders have undertaken significant improvements for drainage and sediment control as well as an ongoing program of weed management.

The property suffered significant topsoil loss and scouring of the cultivations during heavy rainfall in 2010-2011. The landholder constructed an earth bank and drain to divert flows from tracks into a thickly grassed area.

Additional works, consisting of sediment traps and improvements to existing drains, will improve capacity to collect sediment on-farm.
These works are part of the Healthy Country project in the Lockyer and complement neighbouring sediment control measures.


This project will:
  • improve water quality of Blackfellow Creek by repairing and reinforcing the discharge area into the creek
  • build the capacity of the local community to undertake NRM activity by demonstrating techniques for erosion and sediment control
  • construct sediment traps and improvements to existing drains.


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