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Making Landscape Linkages in the Maroochy Catchment


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Project lead


Landcare Australia Limited

Maroochy Waterwatch Group

Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group

Sunshine Coast Regional Council


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Landcare Austrialia Ltd (through Computershare e-Tree program)
Maroochy Waterwatch Group

Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group

Sunshine Coast Regional Council

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In-kind contribution

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Start date

1 December 2009

End date

30 June 2010


This project extends and maintains re-vegetation corridors, and coordinates and builds community capacity to improve the water quality and enhance biodiversity networks of the Maroochy River catchment. Six sites on four properties within the Upper Maroochy River catchment will be re-vegetated to extend existing habitat corridors. The project will be implemented during the calendar year of 2010, with site preparation and establishment occurring from January to April and site maintenance continuing throughout the year.

Lancaster site - Stage 1 (6090m²): A tributary of upper Petrie Creek at Hunchy Road that has been denuded of trees. The current landuse is a bromeliad nursery. The landowners want to re-vegetate the majority of the property in the lower half. This project includes creek re-vegetation works in Stage 1. Current vegetation is weed grasses and smaller weed bushes and will be easily re-vegetated. The landowners will also re-vegetate the hill slopes over time in Stage 2.

O’Dell and Fraine sites - Final Stages (1570m²): Upper Paynter Creek with the properties adjacent to each another. The O’Dell site has been a Maroochy Waterwatch re-vegetation site for over six years in a staged process. The creek re-vegetation is now at the final stages in Areas 2 and 3, with the remaining southern waterway and a wetland area to be re-vegetated. The Fraines are new owners and want to link with existing re-vegetation of the O’Dells to their property which is cleared of all creek vegetation in Area 1. Current vegetation on both sites include weed grasses and smaller weed shrubs and will be easily re-vegetated.

Cash - Site (8000m²): Upper Petrie Creek at Hunchy Road. The landowner has cleared the creek of all lantana and installed sediment traps. This site adjoins previous re-vegetation on the property and extensive re-vegetation works directly downstream.


This project will:
  • improve the biodiversity within the Maroochy catchment by increasing the area and connectivity of native vegetation habitat.


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