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Kinka Wetlands


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Regional Investments:  Urban and Coastal Protection

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Start date

17 June 2014

End date

30 June 2014


This is a partnership project with a number of community groups, council, government department and NRM groups that aims to achieve wetland conservation outcomes through habitat improvement. The long-term vision is to enhance public experiences within a wetland environment, providing recreational use by the public for bird watching, walking and educational tours and improved access while addressing some of the pressures that impact the wetland such as weeds, erosion and feral pests.

A variety of on-ground works will be needed to achieve conservation. Fitzroy River and Coastal Catchments will manage these contracted works on behalf of the partnering groups. This project is funded through the Caring for our Country Reef Rescue program under the Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Agriculture agreement between Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) and the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.


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