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Janes Creek Revegetation Project


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Mackay Regional Council Natural Environment Levy


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Start date

18 December 2014

End date

30 June 2015


The Gooseponds are a series of man-made water bodies along Janes Creek, surrounded by urban areas and parkland. The area is heavily modified, but remains a very popular recreation area for the residents of Mackay with a network of pathways, exercise equipment, play grounds and other park amenities situated in and around the area. A number of pressures impact directly upon this area including; invasive flora and fauna species, fish passage barriers, and agricultural/urban runoff resulting in variable water quality.

The riparian strip adjacent to the Mackay Regional Soccer Zone in Glenella is extremely narrow and also heavily degraded/modified. 2ha of revegetation works were undertaken along an 800m long section, reinstating the riparian buffer strip up to 15m in width.


This project aims to:
  • reduce bank erosion
  • increase filtration of pollutants
  • shad out invasive weed species
  • have decreased ongoing maintenance costs
  • improve ecosystem values along the creek
  • improve water quality.


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Last updated: 1 February 2016

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