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Irbyana Enhancement: Smith


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Project lead


Powerlink (GreenWorks program)

Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)



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Funding source

Powerlink (GreenWorks program)

Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)

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Start date

20 November 2012

End date

31 March 2013


Swamp tea-tree (Melaleuca irbyana) forest is considered endangered under Commonwealth and Queensland legislation. With funding provided through Powerlink GreenWorks and with support from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, SEQ Catchments is providing support, advice and financial incentives to assist landholders in the region to conserve and enhance remnant and regrowth swamp tea-tree forest.

This project is a partnership between the landholder, Ipswich City Council and SEQ Catchments, and aims to extend swamp tea-tree forest and koala habitat on the property by re-vegetating a 1.5ha drainage line from a remediated dam to link with a remnant 7.5ha stand of swamp tea-tree forest. Some soil erosion mitigation earthworks will also be undertaken.  The landholder has a voluntary conservation agreement with council and is registered with Land for Wildlife.

Planting 200 trees, consisting of local native tree species appropriate to Regional Ecosystem 12.9-10.11 (including Melaleuca irbyana, Eucalyptus crebra, E. moluccana, E. propinqua, E. tereticornis), will restore swamp tea-tree forest and provide koala food and shelter trees.

The project also involves earthworks to remediate the wall of the dam and the construction of a diversion bank to discharge stormwater flows from a 4ha catchment area eastwards to the site nominated for re-vegetation.


This project will:
  • improve biodiversity in the Ipswich area by expanding and reconnecting swamp tea-tree forest and koala habitat.


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