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Implementing the CQSS Fitzroy Basin Neighbourhood Catchment Plan


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Project lead


Queensland Government (DPI&F)
National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture

Resource Consulting Services

CTF Solutions


Greening Australia

Caves Landcare

Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative
Johnston Agribusiness

Agricultural Businesses


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On-ground work

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National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture

Earth-Tech, Resource Consulting Services/Farmbis

CTF Solutions

Queensland Government (DPI&F)
Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Meat Livestock Australia

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In-kind contribution

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December 2004


This project will identify, create and test sustainable production systems and adoption strategies in the Fitzroy Basin. It supports the adoption of property plans and sustainable production systems. The project also supports management of riparian zones, including riparian fencing, off-stream stock watering points, and allows regeneration for native vegetation to a functional width, along with habitat variability and water quality monitoring.


This project will:
  • manage the impact of land uses (grazing, cropping, irrigation, forestry, horticulture) on regional assets (productive land, riparian zones, regional ecosystems, water quality) through the adoption of a property management plan on a neighbourhood catchment basis.


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Last updated: 24 September 2015

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