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Healthy Country Program in the Bremer and Pumicestone Passage Catchments: Lutter


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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)



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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)


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Start date

8 May 2013

End date

15 June 2013


This project is part of the on-ground implementation of the Upper Warrill Creek Sub-catchment Healthy Country Program, an initiative funded by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

The project will establish a riparian fenceline along the bank of the Upper Warrill Creek. This will allow for controlled access of stock to the creek, enabling the landholder to strategically graze the area for weed management and keep cattle out when the bank and channel are most susceptible to erosion.

The fencing will follow the creek path, with a 25-50m buffer zone to the bank, between the easternmost and westernmost property boundary with the creek. The length of fencing to be established is approximately 870m. Earthworks will be required in an area near the eastern property boundary with the creek to clear vegetation and level a track, approximately 124m long and 10m wide, for the fencing to follow in a hilly/rocky terrain.

The landholder will conduct ongoing fencing maintenance when necessary. They will also conduct photo-point monitoring and engage in weed control surrounding the works, primarily targeting lantana, (Lantana camara), cat’s claw creeper (Macfadyena unguis-cati), and giant reed (Arundo donax).

A field day open to the public will be held on-site to demonstrate the works upon completion. A case study will be produced with the landholder for reference and distribution.

As a result of this project, an estimated 5.7ha of riparian habitat will be protected.

Project objectives are to:
  • improve biodiversity in the Upper Warrill Creek catchment by enhancing native riparian vegetation condition through weed control
  • increase landholder’s knowledge and skills in natural resource management through field day and case study development
  • erect 870m fencing
  • establish earthworks to level a track 124m long and 10m wide
  • carry out 5.7ha weed control in riparian native vegetation.


This project will:
  • improve water quality in the Upper Warrill Creek by reducing sediment run-off into the waterway through riparian fencing for stock management.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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