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Healthy Country Knapps Creek - Tracy Dale, Landholder Grazing Management and Erosion Control


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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)

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Healthy Country Project (Queensland Government)

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1 June 2010

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30 April 2011


Knapps Creek Catchment has been recognised as one of three catchments in SEQ that funding has been made available to reduce sediment flowing into Moreton Bay. As part of this funding, landholders have the opportunity to take on remedial works on their property.

The landholder of this property has been involved early in the program, attending field days and information sessions, and is keen to progress works on her own property as she sees opportunities to positively contribute to a reduction of sediment load in the broader Knapps Creek.

In this project, the landholder will put in divisional fencing, two off-stream watering points (gravity fed) and rehabilitate small, but multiple head-cut erosion sites in the main gully traversing the property. This gully is one of the major feeder gullies into Knapps Creek. Additionally, the project will facilitate weed control on the property.

The works will be undertaken though a whole farm approach, with the landholder committing to improving pasture production through weed reduction (specifically giant rat’s tail grass) and grazing management. The landholder recognises that continuous grazing is having an impact on soil health. Grazing management will involve divisional fencing for rotational grazing allowing paddocks to be rested, improving the proportion of desirable species and reducing weed species. Additional water points will be required to provide water for two of the new paddocks.

Over a period of a year, the landholder will rehabilitate a number of small head cut gully erosion sites by placement of rocks, using the leaky weir principle, at the head of the erosion site. Additionally, one corner of the property will be fenced off to allow for controlled grazing.

While this property is not located in a top 20 priority sub-catchment, it is in a major sub-catchment of Knapps Creek catchment and assists in the long-term sustainable management of the catchment.


This project will:
  • improve land condition in the Knapps Creek sub-catchment by promoting sustainable grazing management practices across the property
  • improve water quality in Moreton Bay by reducing sediment losses into Knapps Creek.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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