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Healthy Country Knapps Creek - J Stanton,


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Project lead


Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)


SEQ Traditional Owners Alliance (SEQTOA)


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Healthy Country Project (Queensland Government)


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Start date

1 July 2010

End date

31 July 2011


Knapps Creek Catchment has been recognised as one of three catchments in SEQ to which funding has been made available in order to reduce sediment flowing into Moreton Bay. As part of this funding, landholders have the opportunity to take on remedial works on their property.

This property has two sub-catchments tagged as high priority gullies for rehabilitation works. This project will undertake remedial works in the gullies, fence them off, re-vegetate the area immediately surrounding the gully works and install a major and a minor sediment trap (in the form of dams) in the larger of the two gully erosion sites.

Remedial works will include: small and large rock based leaky weir; rock chute; repairs to eroded cattle tracks; batter and grass minor erosion sites. These works are in line with recommendations by Peter Pearce, SEQ Catchments, following a site inspection in June 2010.


This project will:
  • improve water quality in the Logan River and Moreton Bay by reducing sediment losses into Knapps Creek through repairing gully erosion
  • undertake remedial works in the gullies including installing small and large rock based leaky weirs, rock chutes, repairs to eroded cattle tracks, and battering and grassing minor erosion sites.


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