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Gully Restoration, Riparian Weed Control and Sustainable Grazing along Teviot Creek: Firmin


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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)


Scenic Rim Regional Council

Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement Trust



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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)


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Start date

24 July 2012

End date

10 June 2013


This project is part of the on-ground implementation of the Upper Teviot Brook Sub-catchment Management Project, an initiative supported by project partners Seqwater, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement Trust, and the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.

This project aims to increase ground cover and soil condition to reduce run-off over 61ha of grazing land through paddock subdivision to facilitate rotational grazing. Rotational grazing is proven to more evenly distribute grazing pressure and thus improve pasture utilisation, increase soil carbon levels and water retention, improve pasture condition (including increased native pasture composition). This will result in both improved environmental and production outcomes. The environmental benefit will include areas featuring endangered Regional Ecosystem 12.3.3 ‘Eucalyptus tereticornis woodland to open forest on alluvial plains’ and other significant Regional Ecosystems 12.9-10.7/12.9-10.2.

The project will also undertake 2.3ha of weed control in riparian areas, as well as undertake earthworks, fencing and re-vegetation to reduce stream bank and gully erosion.

The project involves:
  • installing 1.3km of fencing to control stock access to an eroding gully and sub-dividing an existing paddock into three smaller paddocks
  • installing a dam and diversion banks to control run-off into two eroding gullies and providing stock water for rotational grazing
  • installing a water trough
  • constructing earthworks to stabilise eroding banks on Blackrock Creek
  • establishing re-vegetation of the fenced gully and the Blackrock Creek riparian area
  • breaching existing contour banks to reduce run-off pressure on the eroding gully.


The project supports the property management plan and grazing system that has been developed by the landholder to improve:
  • water quality in Teviot Brook
  • biodiversity in the Logan catchment through improvements in riparian vegetation condition and biodiversity connectivity along Teviot Brook
  • land condition by increasing the uptake of sustainable land management practices through increasing landholders’ knowledge and skills in natural resource management.


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