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GreenWorks Emu Creek - Enhancing Environmental Values of Golden Gully and Oaky Creek: Rowlings


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Powerlink (GreenWorks program)



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Powerlink Queensland (GreenWorks program)


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Start date

1 September 2010

End date

31 December 2011


This project is part of the ‘Enhancing Biodiversity Values in the Emu Creek, Ravensbourne and Crow’s Nest Districts’ project, an initiative of the Powerlink GreenWorks program. With funding from Powerlink and support from the Australian Government and partners Toowoomba Regional Council, Emu Creek Catchment Landcare, Ravensbourne and District Landcare and Crow’s Nest Creek Catchment Group, SEQ Catchments is providing support, advice and incentives to assist landholders to protect and enhance the condition and connectivity of significant native vegetation on their properties.   

This particular project seeks to enhance the environmental values of approximately 50ha in the Golden Gully-Oaky Creek junction area by:
  • constructing 1.5km of fencing and establishing three off-stream watering points to protect Oaky Creek waterhole and riparian vegetation
  • constructing 1km of fencing to control grazing and improve surface cover and land condition
  • controlling strategic weed to enhance 20ha of riparian vegetation
  • implementing silvicultural practices to improve the condition of 70ha of native forest adjacent to the watercourses.

This project is located in an area bordering Powerlink’s proposed 500kV powerline easement and is part of the landholders’ long-term Property Management Plan developed through the Sustainable Land Management Practices project conducted by Emu Creek Catchment Landcare Group in partnership with local landholders and SEQ Catchments over the last four years.  

The landholder is committed to ongoing maintenance of the environmental outcomes and will monitor and record changes in riparian condition, grazing land and woodland health over time using photo-point monitoring in conjunction with standard land and vegetation condition assessment approaches.

The five-year GreenWorks program aims to provide lasting environmental benefits and enhance visual amenity in the vicinity of areas where Powerlink is planning to develop and operate essential electricity transmission infrastructure in the future.


This project will:
  • improve biodiversity through protecting and enhancing the condition of riparian and woodland vegetation in the Oaky Creek catchment.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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