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Flood-runner Re-establishment for Sediment Control, Mt Sylvia: Redinger and Otto


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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)



Queensland Government (DTMR)

Queensland Government (DERM)


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Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)

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1 July 2011

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30 November 2011


This property is 11ha of cultivated alluvium beside Blackfellow Creek. A small patch of endangered riparian vegetation exists on this property.

The property suffered significant topsoil loss and scouring of the cultivation during heavy rainfall 2010-2011. Uncontrolled run-off which broke out across the cultivation was exacerbated by siltation and woody debris blocking the existing flood-runner drainage line between the cultivation and the creek.

Opening the flood-runner will reduce sediment transport from the cultivation in moderate flows. Works will consist of removing silt and excess woody debris, while only minimally disturbing the remnant vegetation. These works will also improve the likelihood that the remnant will be protected from adverse management practices. In addition, surveys will monitor the condition of the vegetation and collect information to inform future re-vegetation activities of this endangered ecosystem.

Works have also involved collaboration with Department of Transport and Main Roads and Department of Environment and Resource Management.  Main Roads has reinstated the western bank of the creek at the breakout as part of works to reduce flood impacts on the adjoining road.

These works are another initiative of the Healthy Country project.


This project will:
  • improve water quality of Blackfellow Creek by repairing and reinforcing the discharge area into the creek
  • build the capacity of the local community to undertake NRM activity by demonstrating techniques for erosion and sediment control
  • carry out engineering work to remove silt and excess woody debris from a flood-runner drainage line.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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