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Flood Recovery - Fassifern: Rieck


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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)



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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)


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1 September 2013

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30 April 2014


This project is one of a series of broader projects to assist flood affected landholders identified through SEQ Catchments, Scenic Rim Regional Council, regional industry groups and River Trust staff to return to production and improve the natural resilience of the waterways.

This project will help to reinstate productivity and improve the resilience of 13.6ha of cultivation that form part of an 84ha horticultural enterprise adjacent to 2km of the mid-reaches of Warrill Creek. About 75% of the cultivated lands on two lots were severely damaged from flood flows topping Warrill Creek, as well as from breeches in the levee banks on this and the upstream neighbouring properties.

The project involves:
Step 1: use dozer to mound dried topsoil/silt.
Step 2: use excavator and trucks for relocation of soil/silt to original paddock.
Step 3: professional survey of 13.6ha area of paddocks to guide laser levelling.
Step 4: laser levelling, undertaken by landholder.
Step 5: purchase and spread 340m³ chicken manure at rate of 10m³ per 0.4ha.
Step 6: purchase and spread 68t gypsum at rate of 2t per 0.4ha.

This work is estimated to be undertaken over a four to five week period, weather permitting.

The landholder has taken steps to remediate and strengthen the damaged stream-bank and levee as part of their efforts to improve the resilience of the property to flood flows. This involved the importation and compaction of soil/clay material to remediate two breeches (20m and 2m width).

Weed treatment has also been carried out along the 2km stream-bank to treat a high infestation of weeds (e.g. castor oil bush and tobacco bush). The landholder has also indicated their interest in developing a Property Management Plan (PMP).


This project will:
  • improve soil health in the Warrill Creek catchment by adding topsoil and fertiliser to flood damaged cultivation
  • improve water quality in Warrill Creek through stream-bank engineering works on the stream-bank and adjacent floodplain
  • spread 68t gypsum and 340km³ of chicken manure on 13.6ha of cultivation land damaged by flood erosion.


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