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Flood Recovery - Fassifern: Lobegeiger


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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)



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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)


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Start date

1 October 2013

End date

30 April 2014


This project forms part of a regional flood restoration/resilience program to assist landholders return to production and improve the natural resilience of the waterways.

The landholder of this 80.75ha grazing and horticultural property at Rosevale wants to remediate and improve the resilience of a 50m outer bend in the upper Bremer River that was badly eroded during the 2013 floods.

This project forms part of an extensive remediation program of works along the remediated stream-bank.  

The project allows for: the purchase and placement of approximately 120m³ of 1m to 1.2m blue metal rock, to form a rock toe (40m long by 4m high) at the base of the eroded bank. Earthworks associated with the project involves battering the bank wall and site preparation for the rock toe.  

Once the rock work and earthworks are completed, the landholder will seed the battered banks and ensure the area remains stock free during the stabilisation period.

This project complements additional earthworks that involve the removal of debris, the protection of a power pole and fencing on the western side of the Bremer River, as well as fencing on the eastern downstream boundary fence line. 

The landholder has sought advice from SEQC’s Soil Conservation officer regarding the restoration project.


The project will:
  • improve water quality and riparian condition and resilience along the upper Bremer River by riparian rehabilitation through stream-bank engineering and re-vegetation
  • establish emplacement of a large rock toe slope
  • carry out engineering work to batter the stream-bank
  • seed the battered bank with grass
  • fence off rehabilitation site.


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