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Flood Recovery - Fassifern: Harvey


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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)



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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)


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Start date

1 November 2013

End date

30 April 2014


This project forms part of a broader project to assist flood affected landholders identified through SEQ Catchments, Council, Regional industry groups, and River Improvement Trust staff to return to production and improve the natural resilience of the waterways.

The 281.86ha property is located in the upper Warrill Creek catchment, which has its headwaters in the Main Range National Park. In 2013, the volume and velocity of run-off from a 24-hour major storm event on Mt Castle on the Main Range, destroyed the Claytons Gully culvert on Gap Creek immediately adjacent to the Harvey property. The run-off also destroyed riparian fencing, stripped topsoil from the riparian areas down to a gravel base, and substantially widened Gap Creek down and beyond its confluence with Warrill Creek and Sandy Creek. Much of the natural vegetation along the creek was destroyed and top soil lost from adjacent cultivations.

Substantial earthworks have been undertaken in and around the project area to repair and rehabilitate the riparian area and adjoining cultivation.

This project complements and builds on the stream-bank restoration work undertaken to date by the landholder. The project will clear 300m of flood damaged fencing and debris, reinstate 305m of riparian fencing, plant 2000 vetiver plants along the toe of the bank and reseed the area with pasture grasses to help stabilise the remediated stream-banks. 

The landholder will also undertake weed treatment and re-vegetate and maintain to establishment stage sections of creek bank with native species (e.g. callistemon and lomandra).


This project will:
  • improve water quality in the upper Warrill Creek sub-catchment by improving the condition of the riparian zone through debris clean-up, stock management fencing and re-vegetation.


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