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Fire hazard reduction and habitat protection—Crab Creek


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Queensland Govnernment




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4 October 2012

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31 October 2012


Large and small pine wildlings on the stream bank of Crab Creek cause a threat to the integrity of wallum and Eucalypt biodiversity. A fire control line is surveyed to provide a new fire management zone that  enables fire control to be targeted at juvenile pines and emergent seedlings in the controlled area. A contractor is engaged by the Queensland Government to:
  • remove stack felled pine logs in high density area adjacent to Dart Street (roughly 80 trees with a diameter at breast height from 100mm–250mm)
  • chip retrieved logs, remove pine chip piles and transport materials to Council for later use
  • install a gate and signage at the entrance of the new control line to prevent unauthorised vehicle access.


  • Reduction of fire hazard
  • Improved fire management
  • Protection of coastal biodiversity
  • Improved integrity of Ramsar site for resident and migratory shorebirds.


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