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Figtree Lagoon - phase V repair and restoration of priority coastal habitat and wetlands


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Reef Trust phase 5/Greening Australia Co-investment

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Start date

1 January 2017

End date

30 June 2021


The objective of this project is to address the loss and modification of coastal habitat and wetlands, which provide vital ecosystem services important to the health of the Great Barrier Reef, through the rehabilitation of priority wetland areas in reef catchments. The project will take a whole-of-system repair approach to identify and deliver cost-effective solutions to re-establish ecological processes, improve ecosystem connectivity, and enhance nutrient assimilation and sediment trapping. The project will deliver priority restoration actions in at least 500 hectares of wetland and coastal ecosystems with a sound methodology and practical approach, supported by community collaboration, stakeholder engagement, capacity building and integration of best available science and research.


Improve the health and resilience of coastal habitats.


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Last updated: 21 September 2018

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