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Enhancing drought-resistant koala habitat on the Eastern Darling Downs


Project lead

Cambooya Landcare Association Inc


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Everyone’s Environment Grants - Round 2

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Start date

3 March 2014

End date

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This project addresses the critical issue of limited and highly fragmented/disconnected habitat for koala populations on the eastern Darling Downs. It aims to ensure that restoration of koala habitat on private lands (owned by farmers) is evidence-based and is planned strategically to enhance drought-resistance and connectivity to known drought refugia (e.g. riparian woodlands) in order to increase the resilience of koala populations across the landscape.

These activities will:
  • promote koala habitat restoration and management efforts on private land
  • increase landholders’ skills and knowledge in multiple use on-farm management and resilient landscape planning
  • ensure re-vegetation efforts will extend the amount of quality koala habitat
  • provide essential habitat links across the landscape and to drought refugia such as lowland/riparian woodlands for significant but at-risk koala populations on the eastern Darling Downs
  • ensure habitat links will also be of benefit to other native flora and fauna, which will help to improve the overall biodiversity and ecology of the area.


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