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Delivering Biodiversity Dividends for the Barratta Creek Catchment


Project lead

Wetland Care Australia (Northern Branch)


Multiple partnerships with private enterprise and with local, state and federal government


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Biodiversity Fund

Funding amount


In-kind contribution

(not documented)

Start date

30 December 2012

End date

30 December 2017


Since the introduction of intensive irrigated agriculture, Barratta Creek and wetlands have suffered serious impacts through a lack of active management and understanding including invasive aquatic and terrestrial weeds, frequent fire regimes, excessive and nutrient rich tailwater flows.

The project seeks to manage and enhance the high ecological functional values of the Barratta Creek Catchment which forms the main artery of the Bowling Green Bay wetlands Ramsar site. The project also aims to unite multiple stakeholders to implement integrated catchment-based management.


Re-vegetation activities will provide a greater tolerance to future extreme weather events and decrease the proliferation of tipuana seeds throughout the area.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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