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D’Andilly’s Irbyana Protection


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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)



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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)


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Start date

1 March 2012

End date

31 December 2012


Swamp tea-tree (Melaleuca irbyana) forest is considered endangered under Commonwealth and Queensland legislation. With funding provided through Powerlink GreenWorks and with support from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, SEQ Catchments is providing support, advice and financial incentives to assist landholders in the region to conserve and enhance remnant and regrowth swamp tea-tree forest.

The landholder has completed Level 3 Property Management Planning training provided by SEQ Catchments and through this has developed a project action plan for implementation.

This ‘risk management’ project will help to protect the existing irbyana by limiting stock access through the endangered vegetation and provide a water re-filling point for the Rural Fire Brigade for fire management purposes and incidental for stock watering.

This project aims to:
  • conserve 3ha of remnant swamp tea-tree forest RE 12.9-10.11/12.3.3c
  • control stock movement by installing a stock watering point away from the irbyana vegetation
  • reduce the risk and/or intensity of wild fires in the area by providing an emergency water supply to the local Rural Fire Brigade.

Project activities include:
  • supply materials and construct covered area for capturing rainfall run-off into a 9000 litre tank.

Proposed project monitoring and maintenance:
  • establish of one photo-point and take ‘before and after’ photographs.


This project will:
  • improve biodiversity in the Rosewood area through improved stock and fire management of a patch of endangered swamp tea-tree forest.


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