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Controlling the creep of Cat’s Claw along the Dumaresq River


Project lead

Inglewood and Texas Landcare Association Inc


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Everyone’s Environment Grants - Round 2

Funding amount


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Start date

16 December 2013

End date

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This project seeks to remove cat’s claw creeper from 478km of the Dumaresq River catchment, an area of 22,652ha. The removal of cat’s claw creeper will form a critical part of a larger riverine health project allowing native understory to regenerate. The project will involve over 100 landholders.


This project will:
  • enhance overall riverine health and improve biodiversity values along a 478km stretch of the Dumaresq River catchment
  • regenerate native understory by undertaking the spraying of cat’s claw creeper, which in turn will benefit soil stability during times of high rainfall, thus reducing the chance of bank slumping.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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