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Comale Lagoon - Connecting Camp and Culture


Project lead

Queensland Murray Darling Committee


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Everyone’s Environment Grants - Round 2

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Start date

13 March 2014

End date

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This project aims to undertake weeding and re-vegetation activities at a site near Dirranbandi. Walking trails (accompanied by interpretive signs) connecting Aboriginal camping ground ‘The Old Camp’, Comale Lagoon and the Three Mile Burial grounds and a fence will be erected to protect the eighteen Aboriginal archaeological sites along the Comale Lagoon. The project also seeks to erect off-stream watering points for stock that drink from the lagoon.


The project will enhance the area by planting trees and native grasses to improve the resilience of the area. This rehabilitation will reduce the speed of the flood flows across the Lower Balonne flood plains, stabilise the soils and reduce sedimentation of the waterways.


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