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Case Study: Beef Cattle—Managing frontage country


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Project lead

D. and D. Hood


Australian Government

Dalrymple Landcare Committee

NQ Dry Tropics, Queensland Government


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On-ground work

Case study type

Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

Funding source

Caring for our Country program

Landcare Sustainable Practices program

Funding amount

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In-kind contribution

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Start date

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End date



This project has established investment in infrastructure through fencing and installation of off-stream watering points for stock to better manage the herd, allowing wet season spelling and weed control. This has led to improved land condition and better management of frontage country, with benefits to adjoining wetlands by minimising sediment run-off.


The cost of fencing and off-stream watering points can be offset by increased carrying capacity.


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Reference ID

Beef cattle: Managing frontage country and wetlands

Last updated: 16 May 2015

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