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Cape Bedford targeted rubbish, erosion and weeds project


Project lead

Hopevale Congress Aboriginal Corporation


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Everyone’s Environment Grants - Round 2

Funding amount


In-kind contribution

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Start date

7 January 2014

End date

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This project aims to remove litter from Hope Vale beaches, eradicate a discrete patch of Singapore daisy, fence a serious washaway on South Cape Bedford, map dune roads in the area, provide GPS mapping training to local members of the community and provide the Indigenous community with education regarding shoreline and dune fragility.


The project will:
  • limit the degradation of sand dunes by both feral cattle and recreational users.
  • contain Singapore daisy before it affects more deeply rooted native shoreline and heath vegetation
  • provide training to local communities so they may better understand and manage the biodiversity in the area.


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