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Bremer Healthy Country Riparian Restoration - Thompson


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Project lead


Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)



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On-ground work

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Funding source

Healthy Country Project (Queensland Government)


Healthy Country - Bremer focal area

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Start date

1 November 2009

End date

30 July 2010


This project addresses the objectives of the wider Upper Bremer Healthy Country Waterways Restoration Project by working with the community within a defined focal area (Rosevale region) to deliver on-ground works to improve water quality in local waterways and Moreton Bay.

It is recommended that rehabilitation of these areas should incorporate fencing of riparian vegetation to maintain ground cover and stabilise banks. The existing riparian vegetation is in good quality and offers a seed bank with a variety of species.

Works carried out in this project will involve 500m of fencing, incorporating 2ha of riparian vegetation to improve vegetative cover by natural regeneration to reduce sediment entering the river. Works will also include weed management activities within the riparian area.

Works will be enhanced by the installation of a leaky weir to trap sediment and distribute it across the floodplain, reinstating water flow into a wetland. These works will be complemented by the installation of another two leaky weirs upstream on neighbouring property to achieve best outcomes for the reinstatement of the wetland.

This project will be enhanced by similar works across the community, aimed at improving water quality and sediment loss within the catchment. The neighbouring landholder is also undertaking works to fence the riparian area across the river.


This project will:
  • improve water quality and address the interrelated water and land management issues that are contributing to nutrients and sediment entering the Bremer River.


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