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Big Dune Surfing Reserve Restoration Project


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Transitional Regional Investment Strategy (Base-Level Investment) - Biodiversity and Natural Icons - Reducing the impacts of weeds

Transitional Regional Investment Strategy (Base-Level Investment) Coastal environments and critical aquatic habitats - In

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Start date

25 February 2013

End date

17 May 2013


In conjunction with the Community and Traditional Owners, this project aims to design and implement works to restore and protect the natural values, including rehabilitating the fore-dunes and dunal drainage swales in the surfing reserve at Farnborough Beach. This will be achieved by the ongoing continued implementation of an active management program that focuses on those practices that have detrimental effects on the coastal processes whilst providing safe community enjoyment and use.

This program aims to:
  • improve the existing beach access point where it crosses drainage swales
  • implement weed removal
  • improve re-vegetation and erosion control
  • stage community partnership events and educational information
  • control weeds and prevent further spread
  • build a floating stone crossing on the main access across the drainage swale to keep traffic away from sensitive wetlands
  • plant out an area of 5h in a degraded area to arrest erosion and weed infestation
  • run a one- or two-day workshop for the community to promote the ecological values of the area and to encourage community participation.


Benefits (community events)
This project will:
  • increase membership for surfriders and enhanced community involvement, knowledge and ownership/increased uptake of volunteering opportunities on the Capricorn Coast in general
  • decrease human impact issues due to education

Benefits (weed control and re-vegetation)
This project will:
  • increase biodiversity
  • ensure the preservation of an endangered vegetation community.


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