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Bell's Riparian Re-vegetation at Upper Warrill


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Landcare Australia Limited



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Landcare Australia Ltd (through Computershare e-Tree program


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Start date

1 May 2011

End date

31 December 2011


This project will complement riparian flood remediation earthworks undertaken by the landholder in the Upper Warrill by re-vegetating with 900 native plants over a 150m stretch of a streambank that was severely eroded during the October 2010 and January 2011 floods. The landholder will undertake the planting and provide most of the fertiliser for the plants, which will mostly be lomandra along the toe of the stream bank, with bottle brushes, tea trees and other local native riparian species appropriate to the regional ecosystem thought to have historically occurred along the creek (Endangered regional ecosystem 12.3.3 Eucalyptus tereticornis woodland to open-forest on alluvial plains).

The landholder will water and maintain the plants to establishment stage.
The landholder tried to stabilise the bank using concrete blocks, but these were washed away in the floods. Trees and lomandra will help with the stabilisation process.


The project will:
  • improve water quality in Warrill Creek by stabilising the creek bank through riparian plantings
  • plant 900 stems (grasses and trees) along a 150m stretch of stream bank.


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