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Beatie Creek - streambank stabilisation stage 1


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Queensland Government

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Start date

15 March 2021

End date

30 June 2021


Beatie Creek is in the Mary River catchment area which is considered a sediment-exporting catchment and has effects on the southern Great Barrier Reef. This project aims to minimise sediment load entering the Great Barrier Reef through streambank restorative activities.

GWT Earthmoving will assist with the Stage 1 Beatie Creek streambank stabilisation works. The streambank stabilisation works will involve re-profiling the streambank to 1:3 slope, inserting timber piles, placing rocks and reinstating topsoil on the re-profiled erosion site. Coir mesh will be installed and seeding of disturbed areas will occur after construction.


Reduce retreat of the streambank and improve stability for the adjacent areas.
Reduced sediment load in the Mary River catchment and improved Reef Water Quality.


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Last updated: 7 December 2021

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