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Albert River Erosion Mitigation: Blacklock


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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)



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Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)

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Start date

6 May 2013

End date

30 June 2013


Through the Commonwealth Government’s Caring for our County program, SEQ Catchments is supporting landholders to undertake actions to support erosion mitigation activities in South East Queensland to improve catchment health.

Bank scour is the removal of material from the surface of the creek bank as a direct result of stream flow. One cause of the removal of material from the bank is poor vegetation cover.

This project aims to stabilise a high water erosion risk area by vegetating 1.5ha of land and 200m of stream bank on a former cattle property in Luscombe, situated on the Albert River. Native vegetation using locally occurring species will be planted densely along the water’s edge and the lower, middle and upper bank. The native vegetation will also add value to the local biodiversity and support wildlife corridor connectivity.

Projects activities include:
  • re-vegetation with native species of high water erosion risk area on Albert River.

Proposed project monitoring and maintenance:
  • establish two photo-points and take ‘before and after’ photographs.

The landholder will ensure all plants are kept free from weeds and watered regularly.


The project will:
  • improve water quality in the Albert River and Southern Moreton Bay through riparian re-vegetation.


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