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A history of cattle, water and wildlife on Nankin Plain


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One of the earliest farming areas in Central Queensland, Broadmeadows—on the floodplain of Nankin Creek before it meets the Fitzroy River estuary—has a history of sustaining cattle and wildlife on its well-watered marshes. The landholders have developed a viable, stud and commercial cattle business that exists in concert with thousands of waterbirds, including swans and brolgas that regularly nest in the wetland. Presently, they are applying several strategies to successfully reduce soil erosion on vulnerable slopes in the wetland catchment.

Landholders are continuing on-ground management.

DAF and NRM groups contributed to developing the case study which was completed in 2017.

(See case study)


  • Reduce erosion and sediment loss
  • improved wetland habitat.


Robert and Michele Lang sum up their approach to sustaining a viable grazing enterprise at Broadmeadows: “High performing, quiet cattle are essential in any beef cattle operation but particularly in a beef cattle operation as small as we have at Broadmeadows. We have found Charolais and Charbray cattle to be the most suitable breeds to enable us to achieve the aims and objectives of our enterprise.” And regarding ground cover—which has implications for condition of downslope wetlands: “Low pressure grazing and strategic fencing have minimised labour costs and the impact of dry-weather. Ongoing restoration of areas currently unusable, such as eroded gullies and salted areas, is essential for the future sustainability of our beef cattle operation at Broadmeadows.”

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