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4WD Management in Coastal Saltmarsh


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Australian Government/NRM

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Start date

1 September 2013

End date

31 May 2014


The project involves installing six (6) vehicle exclusion gates at strategic locations throughout the 14,000 ha Kinkuna National Park to enable Park Managers to regulate access and to allow regeneration of native vegetation to occur. The gates will mitigate some of the damage caused by irresponsible 4WD users, particularly in wet conditions including     
  • the seed spread of Giant Rats Tail grass (GRT)
  • noise impacts on shorebird roost sites
  • native vegetation damage
  • destruction of water mouse habitat
  • saltpan erosion


Protect shore bird nesting sites, reduce damage to water mouse habitat, preserve the integrity of native vegetation through weed control and reduce erosion.


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Last updated: 12 March 2018

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