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Rare or threatened animals of Murray River drainage sub-basin

Total number of species: 33

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Class Family Scientific Name Common Name Superseded NCA EPBC End. Wetland
mammals Delphinidae Orcaella heinsohni Australian snubfin dolphin V QA I
mammals Dugongidae Dugong dugon dugong V QAI I
mammals Muridae Mesembriomys gouldii black-footed tree-rat C V QA
mammals Vespertilionidae Murina florium tube-nosed insectivorous bat V QAI
mammals Emballonuridae Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus bare-rumped sheathtail bat E V QAI
mammals Emballonuridae Taphozous australis coastal sheathtail bat NT QAI
mammals Hipposideridae Hipposideros diadema reginae diadem leaf-nosed bat NT QAI
mammals Pteropodidae Pteropus conspicillatus spectacled flying-fox E E QAI
mammals Macropodidae Dendrolagus lumholtzi Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo NT Q
mammals Pseudocheiridae Hemibelideus lemuroides lemuroid ringtail possum CR Q
mammals Pseudocheiridae Petauroides minor northern greater glider V V Q
mammals Petauridae Petaurus gracilis mahogany glider E E Q
mammals Dasyuridae Dasyurus hallucatus northern quoll C E QA
mammals Dasyuridae Dasyurus maculatus gracilis spotted-tailed quoll (northern subspecies) E E Q
birds Psittaculidae Cyclopsitta diophthalma macleayana Macleay's fig-parrot V Q
birds Scolopacidae Calidris tenuirostris great knot CR CE QAI I
birds Scolopacidae Limosa lapponica baueri Western Alaskan bar-tailed godwit V V QAI I
birds Scolopacidae Numenius madagascariensis eastern curlew E CE QAI I
birds Charadriidae Charadrius leschenaultii greater sand plover V V QAI I
birds Charadriidae Charadrius mongolus lesser sand plover E E QAI I
birds Burhinidae Esacus magnirostris beach stone-curlew V QAI I
birds Accipitridae Erythrotriorchis radiatus red goshawk E E QA
birds Apodidae Hirundapus caudacutus white-throated needletail V V QAI
birds Casuariidae Casuarius casuarius johnsonii (southern population) southern cassowary (southern population) E E Q
reptiles Pygopodidae Delma mitella Atherton delma NT V Q
reptiles Cheloniidae Chelonia mydas green turtle V V QAI
reptiles Crocodylidae Crocodylus porosus estuarine crocodile V QAI I
amphibians Hylidae Litoria dayi Australian lacelid V V Q I
amphibians Hylidae Litoria nannotis waterfall frog E Q I
amphibians Hylidae Litoria nyakalensis mountain mistfrog CR CE Q
amphibians Hylidae Litoria rheocola common mistfrog E Q I
amphibians Hylidae Litoria serrata tapping green eyed frog V Q I
insects Lycaenidae Hypochrysops apollo apollo Apollo jewel (Wet Tropics subspecies) V Q

Note: Wildlife statistics are based on information that has been submitted to the DESI WildNet database and converted to a 10km² grid. The grid information has been intersected with the mapping polygons to determine the species lists. Click here to view the species grid metadata.

Information from WildNet can also be accessed via Wildlife Online and WetlandMaps.

Rare or threatened includes species listed as extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or conservation dependent under either the Nature Conservation Act or Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

Disclaimer: While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this product, the Queensland Government and Australian Government make no representations or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability for any particular purpose and disclaim all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages (including indirect or consequential damage) and costs which might be incurred as a consequence of reliance on the product, or as a result of the product being inaccurate or incomplete in any way and for any reason.


Nature Conservation Act
NCA - Status under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
EX : Extinct
PE : Extinct in the wild
CR : Critically endangered
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
NT : Near threatened
C : Least concern
SL : Special least concern
I : International
P : Prohibited
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
EPBC - Status under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
EX : Extinct
XW : Extinct in the wild
CE : Critically endangered
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
CD : Conservation dependent
End. - Endemicity
Q : Queensland endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland
QA : Intranational - naturally occurs in Queensland and interstate
QAI : Not endemic to Australia - naturally occurs in Queensland, interstate and overseas
QI : Regional endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland and overseas
VA : Vagrant (Intranational) - normally occurs interstate
VI : Vagrant (International) - normally occurs overseas
VU : Vagrant (Unknown)
IA : Introduced (Intranational) - naturalised from interstate
II : Introduced (International) - naturalised from overseas
IU : Introduced - unknown origin
U : Unknown endemicity - native
Wetland Status
I : Wetland indicator species

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