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Native ray-finned fishes of Brisbane River drainage sub-basin

Total number of species: 50

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Family Scientific Name Common Name Superseded NCA EPBC End. Wetland
Scatophagidae Scatophagus argus spotted scat QAI I
Scatophagidae Selenotoca multifasciata striped scat QAI I
Gobiidae Periophthalmus argentilineatus silverlined mudskipper QAI I
Gobiidae Pseudogobius eos eastern bluespot goby QA I
Gobiidae Redigobius bikolanus speckled goby QAI I
Gobiidae Redigobius macrostoma largemouth goby QA I
Eleotridae Butis butis crimsontip gudgeon QAI I
Eleotridae Gobiomorphus australis striped gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Gobiomorphus coxii Cox gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Hypseleotris compressa empire gudgeon QAI I
Eleotridae Hypseleotris galii firetail gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Hypseleotris klunzingeri western carp gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Hypseleotris sp. U I
Eleotridae Hypseleotris species 1 Midgley's carp gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Mogurnda adspersa southern purplespotted gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Oxyeleotris lineolata sleepy cod QA I
Eleotridae Philypnodon grandiceps flathead gudgeon QA I
Eleotridae Philypnodon macrostomus dwarf flathead gudgeon QA I
Mugilidae Mugil cephalus sea mullet QAI I
Mugilidae Trachystoma petardi pinkeye mullet QA I
Monodactylidae Monodactylus argenteus diamondfish QAI I
Sparidae Acanthopagrus australis yellowfin bream QA I
Apogonidae Glossamia aprion mouth almighty QAI I
Kuhliidae Kuhlia rupestris jungle perch QI I
Terapontidae Amniataba percoides barred grunter QA I
Terapontidae Bidyanus bidyanus silver perch CE QA I
Terapontidae Leiopotherapon unicolor spangled perch QA I
Terapontidae Terapon jarbua crescent grunter QAI I
Percichthyidae Macquaria ambigua golden perch QA I
Percichthyidae Macquaria novemaculeata Australian bass QA I
Ambassidae Ambassis agassizii Agassiz's glassfish QA I
Ambassidae Ambassis marianus estuary glassfish QA I
Scorpaenidae Notesthes robusta bullrout QA I
Hemiramphidae Arrhamphus sclerolepis snubnose garfish QAI I
Atherinidae Craterocephalus marjoriae silverstreak hardyhead QA I
Atherinidae Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum flyspecked hardyhead QA I
Pseudomugilidae Pseudomugil signifer Pacific blue eye QA I
Melanotaeniidae Melanotaenia duboulayi crimsonspotted rainbowfish QA I
Melanotaeniidae Rhadinocentrus ornatus ornate rainbowfish QA I
Galaxiidae Galaxias maculatus common galaxias QAI I
Retropinnidae Retropinna semoni Australian smelt QA I
Plotosidae Porochilus rendahli Rendahl's catfish QA I
Plotosidae Tandanus tandanus freshwater catfish QA I
Ariidae Neoarius graeffei blue catfish QAI I
Clupeidae Herklotsichthys castelnaui southern herring QAI I
Clupeidae Nematalosa erebi bony bream QA I
Anguillidae Anguilla australis southern shortfin eel QAI I
Anguillidae Anguilla reinhardtii longfin eel QAI I
Anguillidae Anguilla sp. QAI
Megalopidae Megalops cyprinoides oxeye herring QAI I

Note: Wildlife statistics are based on information that has been submitted to the DESI WildNet database and converted to a 10km² grid. The grid information has been intersected with the mapping polygons to determine the species lists. Click here to view the species grid metadata.

Information from WildNet can also be accessed via Wildlife Online and WetlandMaps.

Rare or threatened includes species listed as extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or conservation dependent under either the Nature Conservation Act or Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

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Nature Conservation Act
NCA - Status under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
EX : Extinct
PE : Extinct in the wild
CR : Critically endangered
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
NT : Near threatened
C : Least concern
SL : Special least concern
I : International
P : Prohibited
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
EPBC - Status under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
EX : Extinct
XW : Extinct in the wild
CE : Critically endangered
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
CD : Conservation dependent
End. - Endemicity
Q : Queensland endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland
QA : Intranational - naturally occurs in Queensland and interstate
QAI : Not endemic to Australia - naturally occurs in Queensland, interstate and overseas
QI : Regional endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland and overseas
VA : Vagrant (Intranational) - normally occurs interstate
VI : Vagrant (International) - normally occurs overseas
VU : Vagrant (Unknown)
IA : Introduced (Intranational) - naturalised from interstate
II : Introduced (International) - naturalised from overseas
IU : Introduced - unknown origin
U : Unknown endemicity - native
Wetland Status
I : Wetland indicator species

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