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Birds of Swain Reefs National Park

Total number of species: 64

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Family Scientific Name Common Name Superseded NCA EPBC End. Wetland
Hirundinidae Hirundo neoxena welcome swallow C QAI
Hirundinidae Petrochelidon nigricans tree martin C QAI
Acrocephalidae Acrocephalus australis Australian reed-warbler C QAI
Halcyonidae Todiramphus sanctus sacred kingfisher C QAI
Laridae Anous minutus black noddy C QAI
Laridae Anous stolidus common noddy SL QA
Laridae Chlidonias hybrida whiskered tern C QAI I
Laridae Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae silver gull C QAI
Laridae Onychoprion anaethetus bridled tern SL QAI
Laridae Onychoprion fuscatus sooty tern C QAI
Laridae Sterna dougallii roseate tern SL QAI
Laridae Sterna hirundo common tern SL QAI
Laridae Sterna sumatrana black-naped tern SL QAI
Laridae Sternula albifrons little tern SL QAI I
Laridae Sternula nereis exsul New Caledonian fairy tern E VI
Laridae Thalasseus bengalensis lesser crested tern C QAI I
Laridae Thalasseus bergii crested tern SL QAI
Stercorariidae Stercorarius antarcticus brown skua C QAI
Stercorariidae Stercorarius maccormicki South Polar skua SL VI
Stercorariidae Stercorarius parasiticus Arctic jaeger SL QAI
Scolopacidae Arenaria interpres ruddy turnstone SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Calidris acuminata sharp-tailed sandpiper SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Calidris alba sanderling SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Calidris ferruginea curlew sandpiper E CE QAI I
Scolopacidae Calidris ruficollis red-necked stint SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Heteroscelus sp. U
Scolopacidae Limosa lapponica baueri Western Alaskan bar-tailed godwit V V QAI I
Scolopacidae Numenius phaeopus whimbrel SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Tringa brevipes grey-tailed tattler SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Tringa incana wandering tattler SL QAI I
Scolopacidae Xenus cinereus terek sandpiper SL QAI I
Charadriidae Charadrius leschenaultii greater sand plover V V QAI I
Charadriidae Charadrius mongolus lesser sand plover E E QAI I
Charadriidae Charadrius veredus oriental plover SL QAI I
Charadriidae Pluvialis fulva Pacific golden plover SL QAI I
Charadriidae Pluvialis squatarola grey plover SL QAI I
Rallidae Gallirallus philippensis buff-banded rail C QAI
Accipitridae Haliaeetus leucogaster white-bellied sea-eagle C QAI
Ardeidae Bubulcus ibis cattle egret C QAI
Ardeidae Egretta novaehollandiae white-faced heron C QAI
Ardeidae Egretta sacra eastern reef egret C QAI I
Pelecanidae Pelecanus conspicillatus Australian pelican C QAI I
Phalacrocoracidae Phalacrocorax carbo great cormorant C QAI I
Phalacrocoracidae Phalacrocorax sulcirostris little black cormorant C QA I
Anhingidae Anhinga novaehollandiae Australasian darter C QAI I
Sulidae Morus serrator Australasian gannet C QAI
Sulidae Sula dactylatra masked booby SL QAI
Sulidae Sula leucogaster brown booby SL QAI
Sulidae Sula sula red-footed booby SL QAI
Fregatidae Fregata ariel lesser frigatebird SL QAI
Fregatidae Fregata minor great frigatebird SL QAI
Fregatidae Fregata sp. U
Procellariidae Ardenna grisea sooty shearwater SL QAI
Procellariidae Ardenna pacifica wedge-tailed shearwater V QAI
Procellariidae Daption capense cape petrel C QAI
Procellariidae Macronectes halli northern giant-petrel V V VU
Procellariidae Macronectes sp. U
Procellariidae Pachyptila salvini Salvin's prion C VU
Procellariidae Puffinus gavia fluttering shearwater C QAI
Procellariidae Puffinus huttoni Hutton's shearwater C QAI
Oceanitidae Oceanites oceanicus Wilson's storm-petrel SL QAI
Phaethontidae Phaethon rubricauda red-tailed tropicbird V QAI
Anatidae Tadorna radjah radjah shelduck C QAI I
Phasianidae Coturnix ypsilophora brown quail C QAI

Note: Wildlife statistics are based on information that has been submitted to the DES WildNet database and converted to a 10km² grid. The grid information has been intersected with the mapping polygons to determine the species lists. Click here to view the species grid metadata.

Information from WildNet can also be accessed via Wildlife Online and WetlandMaps.

Rare or threatened includes species listed as extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or conservation dependent under either the Nature Conservation Act or Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

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Nature Conservation Act
NCA - Status under the Nature Conservation Act 1992
PE : Extinct in the wild
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
NT : Near threatened
C : Least concern
SL : Special least concern
P : Prohibited
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
EPBC - Status under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
EX : Extinct
XW : Extinct in the wild
CE : Critically endangered
E : Endangered
V : Vulnerable
CD : Conservation dependent
End. - Endemicity
Q : Queensland endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland
QA : Intranational - naturally occurs in Queensland and interstate
QAI : Not endemic to Australia - naturally occurs in Queensland, interstate and overseas
QI : Regional endemic - naturally occurs in Queensland and overseas
VA : Vagrant (Intranational) - normally occurs interstate
VI : Vagrant (International) - normally occurs overseas
VU : Vagrant (Unknown)
IA : Introduced (Intranational) - naturalised from interstate
II : Introduced (International) - naturalised from overseas
IU : Introduced - unknown origin
U : Unknown endemicity - native
Wetland Status
I : Wetland indicator species

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