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Fish habitat areas – spatial metadata

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Layer: Queensland Fish Habitat Areas - 2017

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This dataset provides a quick reference to OUTER Boundaries of Declared Fish Habitat Areas for State of Queensland (Fisheries Act-1994). The official plans are available on the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing  website. - Managing protected areas - Declared Fish Habitat Areas.
Updates are as required. Currency: 17 March 2017 - There are Revisions to 2 areas - Deception Bay (FHA-013 Rev.3) and Jumpinpin-Broadwater (FHA-021 Rev.2). As this follows closely behind the revision of September 2016 no other boundaries have been validated against current DCDB.
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The 72Fish Habitat Areas in this dataset are declared under Section 120 - Fisheries Act-1994 and Schedule 3-Queensland Fisheries Regulations 2008, effective 17March 2017. This is a composite of ALL Fish Habitat Area boundary areas gazetted/regazetted between 1998-2017. (The 'OUTER BOUNDARY' conforms where possible,to base data, prepared from the Digital Cadastral Data Base (DCDB) produced by the Dept of Natural Resources and Mines(DNRM), and representative of Real Property and Crown Land boundaries. For EXCLUSIONS within these FHA areas - refer to referenced gazettals. Latest Gazettals March 2017. Note: This dataset has NOT had the 'OUTER BOUNDARY' line validatedwith the current cadastre which may have occured in the last 6 months. The indicative boundaries have not been adjusted in accordance with DCDB shifts that are continuously refined by ground survey and survey control. Cadastre Currency is varying for the 72 areas and described in the attribute data (April 2015-Nov 2016)- To facilitate easy reference to plans use the hyperlink field now included within the attribute details. See Note in Use Limitations.

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Queensland Fish Habitat Areas - 2017
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Update 2016
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Outer boundaries as depicted within this dataset are representaive only of the boundaries shown on the Gazetted plans. The boundaries are for Adminatrative purposes only and NOT for USE as formal surveyed lines. While the plans and this dataset are formed on a base data using the Digital Cadastral Database (Qld) the locational accuracy of the boundaries are, as captured, at a point in time. The DCDB is a volitile source that is continually prone to spatial adjustment as new survey data is captured. Hence the Outer Boundary may NOT truly reflect current cadastre in position and/or parcel identification.

**Note** - There is an additional field "Declared_P" which provides a hyperlink option as a "URL" link to the Delared Fish Habitat Area plans as they are provided on the NPSR website. When activated, the gazettal plan will populate a Adobe Viewer window with a copy of the official FHA plan - these plans can then be zoomed for detail.

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David W Sully
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Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
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Marine Habitat
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Last updated: 22 March 2013

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