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Queensland Wetlands Program

The Queensland Wetlands Program was established by Australian and Queensland governments in 2003 to support projects and programs that enhance the wise use and sustainable management of Queensland’s wetlands.

Most of the projects undertaken by the Queensland Wetlands Program are now integrated into day-to-day management activities.

Quensland Wetland Program

Quick facts

delivered by the Queensland Wetlands Program include:
  • mapping and classification
  • planning, management and rehabilitation
  • monitoring and assessment
  • communication

See factsheets on wetlands projects and tools.

The Queensland Wetlands Program (Program) is a multi-agency partnership between a number of Queensland Government departments, non-government organisations and the Australian government including the:

Queensland Wetland Program (Program) Phase 2 Strategic Management Audit.

The Queensland Wetlands Program (Program) has been running for nearly 10 years and has delivered more than 70 projects. There have been three phases of the Program: Phase 1 (2003-2008), the Transitional Phase (2009-2010) and Phase 2 (2010-2013).

An evaluation of Phase 1 was undertaken in 2009 by a non-government agency, while for Phase 2, a smaller synopsis has been undertaken by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) independently of the Program.

Queensland Wetlands Program evaluation

In 2009, an independent evaluation was conducted of the Program (2003-2009) to determine its effectiveness in meeting the project aims and objectives.

The evaluation found the Program supported and enabled a range of quality projects and programs to enhance the sustainable use, management, conservation and protection of Queensland's wetlands and has set new benchmarks for wetland management.

Both Australian and Queensland governments have recognised the significant contribution of the Program and have continued their investment to 2013.

Census of Regional Body Wetland Activities

In 2007, an independent review was undertaken to analyse how wetland activities aligned between regional bodies and the objectives of the QWP.

It contains detailed regional profiles for each of the 14 natural resource management regions of Queensland with each profile identifying key achievements, wetland activities and future directions.

The review concluded that many of the regional body wetland activities were contributing to the QWP objectives and were complemented and supported by the products from the QWP.

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