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Emu Park Community Bushcare Group Coastal Vegetation and Wetlands Protection Project


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Communities caring for coast in partnership with the FBA

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Start date

1 April 2011

End date

30 June 2012


The project will build upon the rehabilitation, re-vegetation, and vegetation protection activities of the Emu Park Community Bushcare Group (EPCBG) over the past 11 years. The group will partner with 14 organisations to:
  • rehabilitate coastal beach scrub zones (EPBC-listed threatened community) through weed control and re-vegetation
  • rehabilitate wetland areas through fencing and pest management
  • build further capacity within the region through working bees, school programs and awareness days.

Proposed project monitoring and maintenance includes:
  • establishing weed control in beach scrub areas around Emu Park and Zilzie
  • undertaking re-vegetation of beach scrub areas with approximately 1500 local species
  • establishing wetland fencing at Kinka wetland
  • initiating education activities, working bees, and developing promotional materials.


The project will:
  • improve the condition in ‘endangered’ coastal beach scrub communities, through weed control and re-vegetation
  • improve the area’s overall ecological health by regulating stock impact by installing fencing in the Kinka wetland
  • initiate promotional activities and working bees that will allow for continued involvement of community members, strengthening relationships and improving knowledge.


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