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Interactive data capture tools

A number of data capture tools, including field survey proformas and a bulk upload tool, have been developed for collecting and submitting inventory data to the Wetland Information Capture (WIC) system.

If you would like further information, or are interested in using the proformas or the bulk upload tool, please contact us.

Purple swamphen in lignum Photo by Roger Jaensch, Wetlands International

Quick facts

Species names

used are validated by WIC upon submission. For a list of all of the species in the database please contact us.

Lists of species observed in a specific area can be obtained through WetlandSummary, Wildlife Online or WetlandMaps.

Field survey proforma

The wetland inventory proforma has been developed for users to record on-ground inventory data and submit it electronically via the WIC system to the wetland inventory database. The proforma is divided into five data themes:

  1. Core wetland inventory (mandatory)
  2. Geology (optional)
  3. Flora (optional)
  4. Fauna (optional)
  5. Water quality (optional)

These themes align with data themes from the Australian wetland inventory that can be seen and measured in the field. Users have the option of undertaking a broad descriptive inventory or one with more detail around themes of interest.

Two proformas

Two proformas are available for contributing data. If you would like further information, or are interested in participating in the program, please contact us.

Any additional data contributed to the Coastal Bird Atlas will complement existing records which date back as far as 1819.

Last updated: 22 March 2013

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