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Melaleuca irbyana

Common name

(none recorded)

Scientific name

Melaleuca irbyana




Rosopsida (higher dicots)


Myrtaceae (Myrtaceae)

NCA status


EPBC status


Wetland indicator


Unknown endemicity - native


Melaleuca irbyana grows in flat areas that are periodically waterlogged, in eucalypt forest, mixed forest and Melaleuca woodland with a sparse and grassy understorey. It grows on poorly draining, heavy clay soils. (Byrnes 1984; Barlow 1987)


Melaleuca irbyana is a small tree growing to 8m in height. The bark is papery and white to pale brown in colour. The leaves on the indeterminate shoots (with the outer/lower flowers opening first and the branch continuing to grow) are narrowly ovate in shape, 4-5mm long, 1-1.5mm wide and narrow gradually to a pointed tip. The leaves on the determinate shoots (with the terminal flower opening first, preventing the branch from further growth) are more angular-ovate in shape, 2-3mm long, 1-1.5mm wide, are inserted in shallow hollows on the stem and have prominent dark glands in 4-6 rows.
The flowers are in 6-12 bundles of three, each 10-25mm long and with 8-12 white or cream coloured stamens (filamentous reproductive flower part) per bundle. The fruits are 3-3.5mm long and 3.5-4mm wide. (Byrnes 1984; Barlow 1987)


Melaleuca irbyana flowers mainly from September to January. (Barlow 1987)


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Threatening Processes

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Human uses

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Contributors: Tony Bean, Mellisa Mayhew 26/06/2009

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