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Homoranthus decumbens

Common name

(none recorded)

Scientific name

Homoranthus decumbens




Rosopsida (higher dicots)


Myrtaceae (Myrtaceae)

NCA status


EPBC status


Wetland indicator


Unknown endemicity - native


Homoranthus decumbens occurs in tall shrubland or heath up to 800m above sea level. It occurs on the edge of sandstone cliffs or in shallow sandy soils containing lateritic (iron-rich) pebbles. (Wang 1995)


Homoranthus decumbens is a low shrub growing to 60cm high and spreading up to 2m across the ground. The leaves are cylindrical, measuring 6-12mm long by about 0.4mm in diameter and are arranged opposite each other in pairs along the branches. The leaves vary in colour from a pale bluish tint to reddish-brown, and smell strongly of menthol when crushed.
The tiny yellow-green flowers are borne singly along the branches from near the base of the leaves. Each flower consists of a ribbed cylindrical tube 4-5mm long, with five petals, five sepals (petal-like structures surrounding the petals), and a style (filamentous, reproductive structure) protruding from within the flower. The sepals and petals are up to 1.5mm long. The style is 5-6mm long. (Craven & Jones 1991; Wang 1995; DEWHA 2008)


Homoranthus decumbens flowers from September to December. There is no information available on its fruiting period. (Wang 1995)


(no information available)


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Threatening Processes

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Human uses

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Contributors: Tony Bean, Mellisa Mayhew 12/02/2009

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