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Caladenia atroclavia

Common name

(none recorded)

Scientific name

Caladenia atroclavia




Liliopsida (monocots)


Orchidaceae (Orchidaceae)

NCA status


EPBC status


Wetland indicator


Unknown endemicity - native


Caladenia atroclavia occurs on granite pavements and shallow gravely soils of granitic origin. It grows in open woodlands, but has also been recorded on swampy flats. (Sparshott 2007; Herbrecs 2008)


Caladenia atroclavia is a terrestrial orchid growing to 35cm tall. The flowers are produced singly on a wiry stalk, which is covered with coarse hairs up to 2.5mm long. The flower consists of four widely spreading petal-like leaves, with a fifth petal being held upright above the flower. The leaves are narrow lance-shaped, 8-12cm long by 5-10mm wide and are covered in hairs. The leaves are pale greenish-cream and may be irregularly blotched with red, pink or brown, and have distinct brown to black tips. The flower consists of a small cream 'hood' and a dark brown and cream 'tongue', with short dark appendages, which protrude from the throat of the flower. The flower has a fragrance resembling an overheated electrical motor. (Clements 1989; Sparshott 2007; DEWHA 2008)


Caladenia atroclavia flowers in spring. (Sparshott 2007)


(no information available)


(no information available)

Threatening Processes

Feral pigs.

Human uses

(no information available)


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Contributors: Weslawa Misiak 28/11/2001; Peter Bostock, Mellisa Mayhew 13/03/2009

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